“[T]he oppression of the Palestinians does not interest the Israeli strategists in the least. It follows that what goes under the name of ‘the solution of the Palestinian problem’, whatever the nature of that ‘solution’ is, cannot bring about peace, because Israeli strategies are aimed at establishing hegemony over the entire Middle East, conceived of as extending from India to Mauritania. Of course, the first victim of Israeli expansionism in search of such a hegemony is the Palestinian nation. But, it should be added, establishing a hegemony over the entire Middle East is more important in Israeli strategic thinking than the extension and the perpetuation of Jewish jurisdiction over the entire land of Israel, however extravagantly its borders may be defined….[In 1983 with all complacency, Ariel Sharon, then defense minister] proposed to India an alliance for the sake of jointly attacking Pakistan, with the aim of destroying the latter’s budding nuclear capability. In this scheme Israel was to supply the aircraft and India the bases. Incidentally, only two years earlier, in 1981, Sharon made a speech, later widely publicized, in which he defined the extension of Israel’s influence from ‘Mauritania to Afghanistan’ as an Israeli aim….The only problem is that this conflicts with US policies, whether avowed or actually pursued. Still, Israel has an enormous latitude for action when the Americans know nothing about Israeli aims because they don’t want to know. Interestingly, all branches of American intelligence may be even more willfully ignorant in this respect than the US media….
[Yoav] Karni [one of the better-informed Israeli strategic commentators] by no means exaggerates when he speaks of an ‘Israeli cosmic struggle against all Muslims.’….
‘If power [in Egypt] is ever seized by Islamic extremists, they will at once have to decide whether to recognize the peace treaty with Israel as binding or not. It will be a most difficult decision for them. If they do recognize the treaty, they will compromise their own ideology. And if they don’t recognize it, they will at once have a war for which they cannot possibly be ready.’….

Under the new conditions of ‘a vacuum [which] was created‘ by the demise of the USSR, and by the increasing vulnerability of the US, Israel clearly prepares itself to seek overtly a hegemony over the entire Middle East which it has always sought covertly, without hesitating to use for the purpose all means available, including nuclear ones. Contrary to what Gazit, Shuval or other Israeli spokesman say, however, this venture is not being undertaken for the sake of benefiting the West. The West is comprised primarily of Gentiles, and Israel is a Jewish state whose sole purpose is to benefit Jews alone. Israel‘s search for hegemony stems from its own time-honored ambitions which now dictate its strategic aims.”

Israel Shahak’s Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies, pp. 31-45

[A well-known critic of Zionism and Israel recently asked in a magazine article about Israel’s disagreement with the US over rapprochement with Iran whether Israel feels threatened by Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.  I guess she is not familiar with what Israel has considered doing with India or via its Zionist agents in the US to undermine Pakistan’s nuclear capability.  People don’t understand how bad off the US really is because of Israel and how much Snowden has harmed Israel and the Zionist enterprise even if he was intended to help them.  😉  Snowden, even if he was an Israeli agent, has done more harm to Israel than the harm Pollard did to the US which was quite bad.  The harm done to Israel is so bad that he’s actually helped the US at the very least a little bit if not enormously (but that doesn’t mean he should or shouldn’t be punished.  If he had harmed Israel and Zionist agents in the US and elsewhere much more, it would then be difficult to say that he should be punished).  He’s also made the life of Zionists especially Zionist Jews in Congress, their successors and supporters quite difficult.  If I were Obama, I would let both houses of Congress pass declarations declaring war against Iran in the event Israel attacks Iran and at most halfheartedly protest.  He can then invite me to the White House to share some non-alcoholic beer and laugh at them and their stupid Israeli and Zionist masters who just don’t know when to stop digging holes.  There is not going to be any war against Iran, whether by Israel, the US, or both and pretending that one is even a possibility, when you know you cannot have one, is almost as harmful as having one.

Pretending is worse than retrenchment and not as bad as doing something that is grossly counter-productive.  Let them pretend all they want because their pretending is something that now the entire world, including adversarial competitors of the US, understands is exclusive to Israel and its Zionist agents in the US and elsewhere.  Adversarial competitors of the US who are still foolishly relying on Israel and its Zionist agents to help manage their dealings with the US or anyone else are playing with a fire that will consume them.  If the stupid Brazilians buy Swedish jets with Israeli equipment, they will find themselves in a situation that is not much better than the one that Israel is increasingly finding itself in.  Complaining about spying done at the behest of Zionists and Israel and using Israeli equipment and methods by denouncing the US and never denouncing or exposing Israeli spying makes one wonder what the Brazilians might be trying to hide.  The same is true for the Zionist-controlled Germans, French, Spaniards,….  Snowden is a double-edged sword, but you are fools to think that the sword is equally sharp on both sides or all along its generous length that threatens some more than others or that he is even helping the fools who have access to his documents and have refused to put all of them in the public domain.  Keep on reading idiots like Greenwald and the buffoons at The Guardian, The Washington Post, and similar news outlets for entertainment, but certainly not for meaningful analyses.

For God’s sake, how can someone write about NSA spying on OPEC in connection with a Zionist-initiated investigation pursuant to an anticipated US Zionist-DOJ anti-trust suit against OPEC and fail to mention that a conspiracy to control oil prices couldn’t exist because the US made sure that at least the Saudis cheated by overproducing in accordance with US instructions to do as much.  Such a suit would have no merit and wouldn’t achieve anything other than give Israel and Zionists potential leverage in dealings with fools.  The foregoing anticipated suit is similar to the war declarations in support of Israel being considered by Congress.  If I were Obama, I would insist on Zionists, Israel-firsters, and Zionist Jews in Congress passing prospective declarations of war against Iran in support of Israel.  Disgruntled American soldiers or ex-servicemen who have suffered enough because of Israel will take care of at least some of them if Israel is stupid enough to attack and by doing so will send a message to those who rely on Israel and Zionists to protect them while they help enrich Israel, Zionists and their associates.  If the Chinese, Indians, French, Germans, Italians, Spaniards, and Russians and others who have helped Israel and Zionists know what is good for them, they will find a way of undoing Zionist and Israeli enrichment.]