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Aaron David Miller is more than just Israel’s lawyer–“yes …we [Dennis B. Ross, Obama’s current advisor on Middle East affairs, I, and others] were just spear-carriers for Israel [while working for Clinton’s US State Department].  We made a mistake”–he’s allegedly an arrant, shameless liar.  “Not only did the State Department go along with…[Israel’s agenda during the peace process negotiations], but they lied to the Palestinians as to the meaning of the English legal documents that they had drafted, that they were trying to get the Palestinians to accept.  I[, Francis Boyle,] have that story in my…book[, “Palestine, Palestinians, and International Law.”]  You can read it there with the footnotes…The Palestinians would bring the documents together with their mem-coms–the memorandums of conversations–with Djerejian or Ross or Miller etc. and say: “Well, they told us the documents meant this.”  And I said:  “Well, that just isn’t true.  It’s plain English, this is what it means.”  So I would straighten out the real meaning of the document, and then they would go back.  They lied to the Palestinians about what these documents meant.

Francis A. Boyle, Breaking all the Rules: Palestine, Iraq, Iran and the Case for Impeachment, p.22, Clarity Press, Inc. (2008) (an excerpt from the 18th Bertrand Russell Peace Lecture)

[Why is it when Zionist (Jewish) Americans engage in treason and are loyal really only to Israel to the detriment of US national interests their often at least equally treasonous defenders claim that it is offensive racism to ascribe dual-loyalties to them?  Don’t they understand that they are being accused of things far worse than the very serious charge of having dual-loyalties to the US and Israel, a country that has harmed the US more than its worst enemies and adversaries?]