…[US Secretary of State Jim] Baker did nothing. No pressure was applied on Israel to do anything. In the negotiations that Baker relegated to Dennis Ross–pretty much a spokesperson for the Israel lobby–nothing happened. Throughout the course of these negotiations Ross was basically a spear-carrier for the Israeli government. You can read his pathetic little piece in today’s New York Times attacking President Carter. Afterwards, he went back to the Israeli lobby think-tank, where he originally came from. At least the others, such as Aaron [David] Miller, came out and finally admitted this–he was working with Ross: “yes basically we were just spear carriers for Israel. We made a mistake.” So the State Department people in charge of this process went along with the Israeli agenda.

State Department Prevarication

Not only did the State Department go along with it, but they lied to the Palestinians as to the meaning of the English legal documents that they had drafted, that they were trying to get the Palestinians to accept. I have that story in my book. You can read it there with the footnotes. All the materials I’m referring to are in my Palestinian book. The Palestinians would bring the documents together with their mem-coms–the memorandums of conversations–with Djerejian or Ross or Miller etc. and say: “Well, they told us the documents meant this.” And I said: “Well, that just isn’t true. It’s plain English, this is what it means.” So I would straighten out the real meaning of the document, and then they would go back. They lied to the Palestinians about what these documents meant. They were drafted of course in English, Oslo was in English too, all negotiations, everything was in English.

So, nothing happened despite the fact that before I showed up in the Grand Hotel, I had been instructed by the Palestinian Delegation to prepare position papers on every issue that was expected to come up in the peace negotiations and to develop a reasonable compromise that would protect their interests while also meeting the reasonable demands and interests of Israel. All that paperwork was there, it was done, it was ready to go. Nothing happened. Ross and Miller went right ahead and carried the water for the Israeli negotiators.

Francis A. Boyle, Breaking all the Rules: Palestine, Iraq, Iran and the Case for Impeachment, (Atlanta: Clarity Press, Inc. 2008), at 22